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Elwis s.c.
Monika and Jerzy Wiśniewscy

Dear Customers,

   ELWIS Ltd. is company who specialize in production of jewelry, which contains Baltic See natural amber. Our offer contains many different designs but we specialize in necklaces and bracelets. All the products are hand made. We also specialize in custom made jewelry, so customer can chose its own design and colour of stones.

Most of our designers are showed on pictures. Some products are one-colour standard items; others are made by combination of few different coloured stones.With placing the order customer can chose own combination of colours.

At client request in some of necklaces and bracelets we put small silver balls (diameter 2,5 mm) or sijver balls in the shape of olives (diameter 3 mm).Quantity of silver is 925 and balls and olives are empty inside.

Our production also includes shady necklaces and bracelets. It is combination of colours from clear to dark brandy, finished with white-matt stone.

Lately our offer was expended by amber products combine with silver 925. More details about our products and prices you can see in our catalogue.

If you have any questions fell free to contact me and I will be more than happy to aswer all your questions.

  Sincerely Yours

Jerzy Wiśniewski

Więckowskiego Str 5 lok. 21, 80-809 Gdańsk, Poland,
phone/fax +48 58 303 56 71, phone +48 58 681 04 55, mobile 0 501 179 498
elwis@elwis.com.pl www.elwis.com.pl